Gospić town´s shopping centers15km
Highway exit Perušić8km
Highway exit Gospić10km
Distance to the sea - Karlobag40km
Distance to the sea - Zadar60km
River Lika200m
Lake Krušćica12km
Caving park Grabovača6km
National park Paklenica45km
National park Plitvice lakes35km
Botanical garden Zavižan50km
Reserve for bears Kuterevo35
Excursion site Krasno40km
Springs and mills of river Gacka20km
Baške Oštarije and mountain Premužić track20km
Museum dedicated to Nikola Teslain Smiljan15

Sport and recreation

Fishing, swimming and canoe riding in river Lika which is near the house

A detour to Plitvice lakes

  • Fishing, swimming and canoe riding in river Lika which is near the house
  • A detour to Plitvice lakes

Adventurous holiday resort Rizvancity

A detour to Kuterevo,a bear reserve.

Swimming in the sea (Karlobag, 40 km, Zadar 60 km) and a view from ˝Kubusa˝ on the way to the sea.

Walks, swimming and fishing on the Krušćica lake known for fish farming: catfish and pike.

Fishing in the Gacka river, famous for a special trout fishing technique (bug bate) all over Europe.

Cycling, cycle track from Perušić to the Krušćica lake, mountain cycling and 6 marked cycling tracks various length and demand.

Hiking all over many interesting paths; the best known is Premužić path which goes from Baške Oštarije towards Senj and is 60 km long, enriched with countless lookouts,mountain cottages and well marked pats.

Hiking and a detour to the Nature park Paklenica.

  • Swimming in the sea
  • Walks, swimming and fishing

Cultural contents

The bridge across the river Lika derives from the 16th century and is built by a special technique.

Caving park Grabovača ( Perušić, 5 km away) with 6 atractive caves.

In the caving park there are 6 various caves and some of them are:

SAMOGRADSKA CAVE: Because of the richness and attractiveness of the calcium formations; stalagmites, stalactites and icicles it is established as a favorite visiting place among tourists. It is also one of the most depicted caves in Croatia. It is 240 meters long and about 3o meters high, on the 1889. it was alight for the first time and it is the first croatian cave with its own geodetic scheme (made in 1911.).

AMIDŽINA CAVE: Extremely precious for it´s numerous icicles, about 60 m long cave, special for it´s white calcium formations.

MEDINA CAVE: Very interesting,about 60 m long cave with it´s unique eccentric formations incurred by alluvion or crystalization of calcium in paleoclimate conditions, which are rare in the subsoil.

  • The bridge across the river Lika
  • Caving

River Gacka´s springs (Sinac and Tonković spring) with it´s renewed mills and a set of ethno collections (20 km).

Attractive museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla in Smiljan (15km).

One of the first printing houses in Europe, situated in Kosinj (20km).

Turkish tower and the old Perušić town Samograd (5km).

Museums in Gospić and Perušić ethno museums

  • River Gacka´s springs
  • Museums

Winter contents

Ski center Velebno, 30 km away from Malo Selo

Total length of the ski tracks: 15 km
Total length of the cross-country ski tracks: 25 km
The number of cableways: 5 chairlifts
Equipped with ski lifts:
Raskrižje, length 700m (930/133m),
Ljubica, length 350m (914/946m),
Sever, dužine 200m
and two chairlifts 150 m long.

Ski center on Krasno, 50 km away from Malo Selo

3 tracks length 450, 500 i 660 m long.
Enabled ski lift, 430 m long, 109 m upper-air difference.
There is also a catering object,with 80m2 of surface which provides to all the snow fans and skiers enjoyment in warm beverages and fast prepared meals (sandwiches, barbaque).
It is possible to rent ski and sledging equipment and it is also insured a parking lot for cars and buses with arranged acces road.

Ski and sledging center near the caving park Grabovača, Perušić

5 km away from Malo Selo.
It has a cableway 300m long.

  • Ski center on Krasno
  • Ski center on Krasno