Gospić town´s shopping centers15km
Highway exit Perušić8km
Highway exit Gospić10km
Distance to the sea - Karlobag40km
Distance to the sea - Zadar60km
River Lika200m
Lake Krušćica12km
Caving park Grabovača6km
National park Paklenica45km
National park Plitvice lakes35km
Botanical garden Zavižan50km
Reserve for bears Kuterevo35
Excursion site Krasno40km
Springs and mills of river Gacka20km
Baške Oštarije and mountain Premužić track20km
Museum dedicated to Nikola Teslain Smiljan15


The house is situated in Lika, in a village ˝Malo Selo˝ Mušuluk (Croatia)

Malo Selo is away from the town named Gospić for only 15 km, and it is very near the Gacka river. You cannot find that many words to present the cultural and natural wealth, variety and beauty of ˝Malo Selo˝ in the outskirts of the Nature park Velebit.

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